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Welcome to the Delaware Orchid Society’s Website. If you are interested in orchids and want to learn more about them, you have come to the right place! Our knowledgeable members will be pleased to answer any orchid questions and assist you in your orchid growing and cultivation, so please join us at one of our monthly meetings and consider joining our society.  We also frequently give out free orchids as door prizes!! Please see the Events tab for more of our upcoming programs!



Next Meeting: May 9, 2017

Speaker:  Helen Hersh

Topic: ”Bulbophyllums”


Helen is the owner of Hamish Hog Antiques, an antique business specializing in museum quality furniture and decorative arts from the American aesthetic movement. She started this business more than 30 years ago.
She has been growing orchids since 1990 when a client started giving her orchids in bloom for delivering pieces of antique furniture. She got hooked very quickly and the collection grew rapidly to hundreds of plants,
then thousands, as flasks of Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums were being purchased. The eventual goal was to start an orchid business which 15 years ago became a
reality with a move to New Jersey to put up a large greenhouse. The result is Mount Prospect Orchids, specializing in fine Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums,
and Bulbophyllums, as well as unusual species. She has never forgotten her windowsill days and  carries a line of plants that are both unusual and easy for
home growers.
She is a Trustee of the Greater New York Orchid Society, which produced the largest orchid show in the country. After the 9/11 destruction of the Winter
Garden of the World Financial Center then the home of the orchid show they were fortunate to have been able to relocate to Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. I have
been a trustee for more than 20 years. She wrote regularly since 1992 for their newsletter on home growing culture. When Arnie Linsman, the newsletter editor
passed away she took over his task of news letter editor for a few years. She had been in charge of the floral exhibitions at the New York International Orchid Show for
15 years, which she expanded to more than 40 floral exhibitors.
She was one of the few amateur exhibitors ever granted individual exhibition space at the New York International Orchid Show. After four years of amateur
exhibits she started Mount Prospect Orchids. She exhibits at shows in the New York area. She has been giving beginner workshops at the shows for more than 17 years.
She did volunteer work for the American Orchid Society and was on their Outreach Committee.



Regular Meeting Information

Meetings are held at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, 1006 Wilson Rd, Wilmington DE 19803. (Sept and Nov meeting WILL NOT be held here)

Meeting starts at 8pm

Doors open at 7pm

Judging for the show table starts at 7:30 pm